Mobile is the present and future!!!

The mobile app that you get for your school is an extremely important decision and shouldn’t be made hastily. Getting an app means nothing if you don’t have a communication strategy in place that makes is easier to communicate.

Apptegy integrates your mobile app into our thrillshare platform allowing for a seamless integration into your communication plan.

Engage your audience with the app

The goal is not to tell your audience that you have an app, it's to engage them with the app. This can only be done if your audience has a good user experience.

Easy Navigation

Navigate easily between app sections

Easy access to schools

Switch between your district schools very fast.

Native apps provide a better user experience

Don’t take the shortcut of an html5 app. Do it right the first time with your users as the priority

Since Native apps are designed to work with a phone’s specific hardware, it gives your audience a familiar look and experience.

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